JW Speaker 8800 Evolution-2 LED 4x6" Low Beam Headlight Heated - Chrome

JW Speaker
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Height 6.80
Width 8.60
Depth 7.30
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Low Beam Chrome 4x6" LED Headlight with Heated Lens:


J.W. Speaker Corporation is launching the industry's FIRST 4" x 6" LED headlight that meets proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight. This new product, called the Model 8800 Evolution 2, includes both heated and nonheated versions featuring improved sealing, superior condensation management and a wider operating voltage, supporting DOT, ECE and military standards.

J.W. Speaker has leveraged its ground-breaking solid optics technology to provide the means to upgrade a truck's forward lighting package to achieve NHTSA proposed 5-Star automotive lighting performance levels*. Conventional reflector optics are NOT capable of meeting this standard. Heated versions feature a thermally conductive grid system to de-ice lenses up to twice as fast as competitor's lights. This proprietary, best-in-class system reacts to temperature changes on a real-time basis with no action required by the driver. J.W. Speaker's headlight now addresses the need for effective and speedy de-icing to support around-the-clock operation. All Model 8800 Evolution 2 LED headlights comply with: FMVSS 108 Table XIX, IEC IP69K, Buy America Standards

(*When installed on vehicles at gross weight with headlights at 0.8 - 1.2m off the ground.)

Features & Benefits

Rugged aluminum housing: Tough, die-cast housing, with added protection from salt spray and an optimized heat sink for efficient thermal management.

Tough polycarbonate lens: Anti-fog and hard-coated; abrasion and UV resistant.

Upgraded optics package: Solid projector optics; additional compact projector optics for low beam increases light output with precise patterns that minimize glare for oncoming traffic.

Bright, white LEDs: Optimal color temperature simulates day-time lighting for maximum visibility and to reduce driver fatigue.

Street legal: Meets DOT and ECE beam pattern requirements; exceeds FMVSS 108 for low beam.

Electrically protected: Includes transient, reverse-polarity, over-voltage and EMI protection.

Improved sealing and condensation management: Proven OEM venting system; harness interface design assures robust sealing, regardless of whether the connector is engaged.

Intelligent heating system (On specific Models): Thermally conductive grid system, encapsulated in lens, automatically responds with temperature changes to de-ice lens; can accelerate condensation dissipation as well.

Wide operating range: Functions from -40 degrees C to 65 degrees C; 12/24V DC system operates in 10-32V DC.

Low power consumption: Uses less current draw than halogen headlights

Warranty: 5 year warranty from J.W. Speaker


Meets Proposed NHSTA 5-Star Safety Lighting Performance*: Light output and beam pattern meet NHSTA requirements under consideration for their highest vehicle-level safety rating; providing a potential "halo" effect when applied to a heavy duty truck, assuming this rating system could be applied in the future.  (*When installed on vehicles at gross weight with headlights at 0.8 - 1.2m off the ground)

"Intelligent" Heating System (On specific Models): Automatically de-ices headlight according to ambient temperature - no need for the driver to do anything - while consuming less power than a conventional halogen system. As a result, trucks can operate safely and continuously throughout the winter.

Extreme Duty: Rugged design featuring LED technology operates effectively in harsh conditions - i.e. environmentally, electrically and mechanically - thereby assuring long life and lower life cycle cost.

Plug & Play: Drop-in replacement for any 4" x 6" headlight, elevating truck lighting to NHSTA 5-Star compliance.


Description 12-24V DOT/ECE LED RHT Low Beam

Heated Headlight with Chrome Bezel

Height 107.19 mm / 4.22 in

Width 167.64 mm / 6.6 in

Depth 84.90 mm / 3.34 in

Shape Rectangular

Outer Lens Material Hardcoated Polycarbonate

Outer Lens Color Clear

Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum

Housing Color Black

Bezel Color Chrome

Mounting Type Low-Profile Panel Mount

Retrofits 1A1 and 2A1 (4" 1 6") sealed beams

Minimum Operating


-40  degree C / -40  degree F

Maximum Operating


65 degree C / 149  degree F

Connector or Wiring H4 Connector - AMP (#172615-2)

Mating Connector LH Terminal - AMP (#172795-1); RH

Terminal - AMP (#172796-1)

Input Voltage 12-24V DC

Operating Voltage 9-32V DC

White Wire Low Beam

Black Wire Ground

Yellow Wire Low Beam

Current Draw 3.30A @ 12V DC

1.67A @ 24V DC

Raw Lumen Output 3000

Effective Lumen



Candela Output 29,800

Nominal LED Color


5000 K

Beam Pattern(s) Forward Lighting - Low Beam (DOT)

Forward Lighting - Low Beam (ECE

Right Hand)

5 Years