GTR Lighting Two-Sided Lightning Series T10 / 194 / 168 LED Bulbs

GTR Lighting
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Height 1.17
Width 0.39
Depth 0.17
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GTR Lighting Two-Sided Lightning Series T10/194/168 LED Bulbs


This LED bulb was specially designed for 2 purposed:
#1: To fit into very specific non-traditional locations where you don't need and/or can't use forward facing light. This bulb features ONLY side-facing light.
#2: To look really REALLY cool!! The futuristic look of the COB technology used to produce the LED light is unique and eye-catching!



Specifications Per Bulb:

  • Dimensions: Overall Length 1.21" Width 0.4"
  • Wattage: 2.192
  • Amp Draw: 0.16mA @14VDC
  • Color: 5,500k
1 Year